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Exhibitions are complex projects that require expert planning because of their scale and large number of moving parts. The occasion may involve bringing together a large number of exhibitors, with venue layout, crowd control and logistics planning as the essential aspects. It is widely considered that an exhibition is the best way to bring markets together through the showcasing and exchanging of information, products and services.

A Seasoned Exhibition Production House

With a few hundred events under our belt, the Sonic Production portfolio includes numerous successful exhibitions involving major brands and organisations. We are an expert in planning and coordinating topnotch exhibitions that showcase the brand and products of companies, while achieving set marketing objectives at the same time. As veterans of the exhibition industry, we enjoy repeated support of a wide range of companies and organisations that are major players in this business sector. What’s more, through frequent collaborations throughout the years, we have established a network of venue and service providers that help us plan and execute the best possible exhibition for our clients.

Our Exhibition Production HK Team

Sonic Production understands that our discerning clients are looking for an exhibition production house that is experienced, organised, and with attention to details. Our exhibition production HK team consists of industry professionals that are dedicated to going above and beyond for their clients to deliver the best possible exhibition. From venue sourcing to on-site coordination, our team understands that an optimal experience must be delivered for both the exhibitors and the target audience. Also, our in-house creative and technical teams are always on hand to contribute every step of the way.

Let Us Know Your Needs

Regardless of the type and scale of exhibition you have in mind, please contact us and let us know your requirements. As exhibitions require advanced and detailed planning, you can let our expert staff worry about the details and they are always on hand to answer any questions you might have. So jump start your hassle-free exhibition development process today by letting us know your objectives and budget. Simply reach out to our team at +852 3622 1847, or email us at info@sonic-production.com.


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